The History of the Slim Gym®

Our Extra Rooms business has been a market leader for many years. We help our clients to extend their available living and work space by providing them with prestige garden studios and offices, right across the UK.
We noticed that increasing numbers of our clients were ordering Extra Rooms to install a gym.

Some customers were lucky enough to be able to afford a large extra room in two sections, both a garden office and also a gym, all in one building. For most though, this was just a dream. A garden office had to take precedence for many except for the most serious gym users.

As demand for garden gyms increased we got to thinking. What if there was another way?

Initial concept

There are many compact home gyms around. They all try to make it possible to have one at home by saving space and not losing a room. Some are very clever and fold up in an intertwined manner, allowing a lot of machines to come “out of a box” or big cupboard.

The problem with many is that the cupboards are still quite cumbersome. Some are so complex to use that they are a bit of a nightmare. Others take so long to get ready to use they are impractical.

… So that got us to to thinking again. What makes a room unusable? Unarguably it’s floor space that erodes the usability of a room. Wall space, especially if very shallow, is not so much of a problem. In other words, how much in total does it “stick out” into a room? We decided that this was where we needed to concentrate our efforts, and so the Slim Gym® was born…

All about the walls

Our Extra Rooms feature double depth, insulated walls with an air cavity inside. Could we in fact devise a serious multi-gym with at least the bulky weight stacks hidden within the walls themselves? Why not allow people to own a Gym and an office?

We pondered if we could make them even shallower in depth, but that then started to present some disadvantages. We decided in the end that so long as the multi-gym was only as thick as a single leaf brick or block wall then there was really no advantage to keep going even thinner, although we know that we could….

Once we had made the slim gyms we realised that whilst initially the concept was to make our own Extra Rooms into invisible gym rooms, any room and almost anywhere can take either a visible or an invisible slim gym.

Whilst it takes up so little floor space, the real genius in the design is just how much gym you get for your money. By utilising the wall the Slim Gym is actually quite big, at over 2 metres tall by 2.4 wide. This enables the full functionality of all the machine options it can house, but spread into an area that is the least disruptive to infringe into the room.

What’s in a gym?

With input and advice from International Sports Coaches and Gym Managers, we decided to add a rowing machine and a variable resistance stepper. We believe that every comprehensively kitted out gym should have a rower. Rowers exercise the whole body at once and are brilliant at cardio, but many do not have enough resistance available for much strength training, unless they have a weight stack. By connecting our rowing machine to the weight stack you can add as much or as little weight as you like. Just a few kilos makes a real difference to the rower as an exercise machine.

Steppers exercise one leg at a time in a different way from a rower, (or standing use of the pull up bar) and are ideal for high intensity training as you can go as fast as you like. There is no weight stack to have to fall first and of course high intensity training is become ever more popular.

Our unique clip-in system allows multiple exercises to be undertaken using a single weight-stack. With all our units sitting less than 10cm/4 inches deep, the Slim Gym range can effectively disappear into the wall in any room.

The result

After several years of research, testing and development, we are proud to offer our Slim Gym range. Available with either a wood or metal frame, we believe the Slim Gym offers you the most competitive and complete solution to your gym and space requirements; you can now have both!