Slim Gym®


Welcome to Slim Gyms and to a healthier, happier you…

We know that in a perfect world we would all benefit from having our own home gym, where we could improve our health, strength, and fitness much more easily… but until now few of us had enough spare space or money for a fully comprehensive multi-gym, especially one that requires a full room and can cost £12k or more…

But now, thanks to a clever British design, everyone already has that space… because with a Slim Gym® all you need is a patch of blank wall… and you can also get a Slim Gym® for half the traditional multi-gym price, and even on easy credit terms if required. Even better, there are a wider variety of exercises available with a Slim Gym® than with other multi-gyms, home or professional. So now you can have so much more than other multi-gyms offer, to help get you invigorated, healthier, fitter and stronger than ever before.

The Slim Gym® (worldwide patents pending) is the first comprehensive home multi-gym designed specifically to help address the modern-day issues of space, time & money. Revolutionary in concept and design, Slim Gyms® help save your time, space and money as you exercise in the comfort of your own home on a full weights-stack system, without all the compromises that previous exercise machines have always demanded.

Any average multi-gym unit dominates most rooms, usually eating up at least 4 square metres of space; even individual exercise machines are exceedingly space-greedy. Smaller machines rely on spring or elastic band compromises that limit their functionality and your exercise capacities. So now, say hello to your Slim Gym® and goodbye to compromise with the most intelligent choice for exercising today.

You may well already have the space to accommodate your new Slim Gym® or Slim Gym® Light, as both machines overcome those usual ‘space-eater’ issues?* Or perhaps you want to incorporate your Slim Gym® into your new Extra Room. So why choose a Slim Gym®? So that you can own a fully functional multi-gym at a fraction of the standard price, without losing all your valuable space to bulky, expensive machines and without spending your valuable time travelling to and from a shared gym to queue for sweat-drenched machines; that’s why it makes so much sense.

The Slim Gym® range is the intelligent choice.


Due to their unique minimal-depth design, Slim Gyms® sit within or on a wall. It can either remain as an interesting feature and discussion point for your room or you can easily hide it behind a screen, roller blind or even a complete bookcase. You can have a full gym option at a fraction of the price of an equivalent range of exercise machines and with none of the space issues.


Choose between a gorgeous wooden finish, in either black or with a lighter furniture finish, or a modern steel frame and then decide between the full Slim Gym® or the even more compact Slim Gym Light. Either way, you’ll get dozens of exercise options, backed up with our User and Exercise Manuals. Not only that but we’re on hand when you need us with ongoing support and advice.

What’s Included.

With a Standard Slim Gym® you get an independent friction stepper as well as a rowing machine, an upper and lower pull-bar arm and pairs of hinged, height-variable pulleys linked to a guided weight-stack.

Really short on space? Our Light version still offers you a wide range of exercises but is based on a single stack and associated counterweight, so is ideal for those really limited spaces where you didn’t think a gym could go!

You can also spread the cost with our great value limited time introductory pricing and upgrade offer. Buy a Slim Gym Light now for £2,100 including VAT, delivery and install. Upgrade to a full Slim Gym later and pay just £2,510 for the rower, stepper and much more.

Whichever you choose you’ll get a custom-made and hand-finished gym fully installed as standard, backed up with our User and Exercise Manuals and with ongoing support and advice.

For a quick introduction to the range of exercises that your Slim Gym® will offer please see our Friday Fun-Time video here.

Substantial storage space is incorporated into a Standard Slim Gym®, all discreetly set in your choice of a wood or metal frame, so when not in use no gym-gear is left about to trip over. Your space is magically just your space again, until the next time you feel like making the ten-second transformation that suddenly opens up your own full-range gym again.

How does it stack up?

The Slim Gym is a better alternative to room filling gym equipment and has more capabilities than most if not all existing multi-gyms and at a lower price.

Slim Gym® Standard
Slim Gym® Light
Fitness Club Membership
Vectra VX28 Multi Gym
Life Fitness G7 Home Gym
Body-Solid G9 Multi-Station
Variable Resistance Stepper
Integrated Rowing Machine
Full Pull Up, Pull Down and adjustable Lateral systems
Variable Height sit up bar
You can train at home, in your own gym, with friends, when you want, with no need to travel
Supported by Free Training Programmes & Online Advice
Maintains Room Space by packing into less than 10cm

Why is a  Slim Gym® not just a gym? Because the room it’s in, is still available!
Buy a Slim Gym® now or get in touch if you have any questions.