What our customers are saying

We think the Slim Gym is everything that you could want in a gym, but don’t just take our word for it, read what others have to say.

“I have an extra room from a while back, but with having a one year old child, placing the slim gym light in the studio would have meant the good lady would be alone when I am exercising so for now, to keep an eye on things when she leaves the room I have put the slim gym light in the lounge. It is an interestng feature and talking point so it is not covered up, no need. Getting my exercises done is so easy now, I only do 20 minutes a day to keep fit but found I was already increasing the weights after just 3 weeks, so I am getting stronger too. The machine functions so quietly (you are not supposed to let the weight stack hit the bottom anyway, so as to keep the tension in the muscles) so I can do it when we are watching the TV sometimes and occasionally I do it twice a day, it is getting addictive.

I know some say you should exercise for longer but even now my trousers which were tight around the waist just a few short weeks ago fit me properly again and my upper arms are tighter inside the sleeves of my short sleeved shirts, so my fat is being replaced by muscle, very chuffed with the slimgym light, I feel great and not had to sacrifice a room either. It has changed my life for the better.”

​F.D. Midlands​